Are you hoping to have a study abroad experience that will truly stretch you? Do you want to have your eyes opened to a place, culture and people group completely unlike your own? Do you want to be changed forever in profound ways? Then the PHōS summer program in Africa is for you.

With PHōS, Harare, Zimbabwe serves as our gateway city to a stunningly beautiful and exotic part of Africa. Known as a uniquely attractive Southern African capital, Lonely Planet refers to Harare as "a safe and laid-back city" that is home to museums, craft markets and fine dining. From Harare, you will retrace the steps of the great missionary explorer Dr. David Livingstone. You will engage with a number of traditional, rural communities as you work your way through the Zambezi valley, much of which is little changed from Livingstone’s explorations 150 years ago.


While looking through the lens of faith, this experiential program enables you to understand culture and democracy in the Sub Saharan Africa region. It examines the common trends from pre-colonial times through to the modern day. You will examine some of the fundamental differences between individualistic and collectivist cultures, with a deep look into how worldview impacts the politics of African nations, and how individuals within those nations respond to the matters of faith. You will explore their respective strengths and weaknesses and examine the ways Christian worldview overlays culture. In a context often characterized by systemic corruption and injustice, we will have the opportunity to spend time with those fighting for the rights of the voiceless.

From the open marketplaces, to the rural communities, to the glory of Victoria Falls, to the amazing people of Zimbabwe – you’ve never experienced anything like this. Ngatiende kuAfrica!



This program incorporates discussion times and lectures with embassy dignitaries, church leaders, anthropologists, missionaries, justice advocates and leaders of humanitarian organizations. To enhance the learning experience, excerpts from David Livingstone’s journals form an integral part of the daily reaction time and activities. Key study topics include: animistic culture and its interaction with a biblical worldview; traditional subsistence African culture; cross cultural communities and societal change; African history (pre-colonial to today); individualistic and collectivistic cultures; rural development and welfare NGOs; a biblical approach to governance, politics, human rights and the constitution. The academic program in Zimbabwe consists of courses taught by highly-qualified instructors, all of whom are vetted and approved by the program’s school of record, Arizona Christian University (WSCUS).


PHōS students are housed in a comfortable private guest house in Harare for 15 of the 28 days. The balance of the time is spent on various field trips which include rural subsistence communities, the great Zimbabwe ruins, unreached people groups and the Victoria Falls.




PHōS partners in Zimbabwe with EDU Africa, which offers authentic, hands-on educational experiences across 13 countries in Southern and East Africa. Based in four regional offices in South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Tanzania, EDU Africa programs are inspired from first-hand experience and are refined to open students’ minds to new places and people. They are passionate about the gospel, people, our environment, education, and the life-change that can be experienced through each African journey.



Absolutely! Here are more details about studying in Zimbabwe with PHōS:


Though you will be attending a PHōS program, you will ultimately be graduating from your home college or university. There are a number of extra costs associated with you studying abroad, including approving courses, transferring course credits, keeping you registered while you are abroad, and all of the duties of your school’s study abroad office. Because of these considerations, each school sets its own policies and pricing for study abroad.

If you are studying with PHōS in order to gain credit toward a degree at your home school, please consult them about costs, course approvals, and the availability of financial aid.

The prices you see listed are for students who study with PHōS directly. Without a prescribed association to a particular college or university.


The price for all PHōS programs includes the following:

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  • African Democracy, Worldview and Culture: In the Footsteps of David Livingstone (3 credits)