What is "PHōS"?

PHōS is a unique collection of study abroad programs that are comprehensively and enthusiastically Christian:

  • Comprehensively & enthusiastically Christian

  • Founded on a classical Christian epistemology

  • Committed to spiritual growth and formation

  • Espousing appropriately Christian student life expectations

  • Equipping students for life-long Christian mission

  • Engaging in vigorous, excellent academics

  • Accountable to the Best Practices in the field of study abroad

  • Affordable for colleges and their students

  • Accessible to students from all universities and colleges

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We call PHōS

Studies Abroad | REENLIGHTENED

Why "Reenlightened"?

Because the Enlightenment … isn’t.

Since the Renaissance, higher education has been drifting further and further from the revealed truth of God. Thinkers believed themselves free from the “bounds” of religious thinking. But, those who know and are convinced of the truths of the Christian faith see this for what it is: “Light* has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light* … But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light*” (John 3:19, 21).

Studies Abroad | REENLIGHTENED

For years, Christian colleges have had as their mission the retention of this fullness of truth, understood via the light* of God’s revelation. The obvious conviction that comes from a belief in the revealed truth of God is that all learning is incomplete without it. Not only should the revelation itself be taught, but the ramifications of these truths change learning in all disciplines. Truly, we are enlightened not by a godless “Enlightenment”, but by the light* of the Christ event, and the scriptures which enact those truths to humankind.

The need for this kind of complete, enlightened learning has been the foundation for the founding of countless Christian learning institutions. But it also has many practical implications specific to studying abroad. Students committed to the light* of Biblical truth, and the meta-narrative of scripture, see the world and the nations that occupy it in a grand, redemptive framework. As agents of the saving mission of God, we engage the nations not simply out of interest, but as part of our sacred duty. We are to love, serve and proclaim gospel to all peoples, celebrating our ultimate hope for a unified race, reconciled to God, and living for His glory.

* PHōS is the Greek word for “light”.