My new friend in Costa Rica!

My new friend in Costa Rica!

William Hartley


Greetings, and thank you for your interest in PHōS!

Why has this become such a passion for me? Well, after years of teaching, pastoring, evangelizing and traveling abroad, I began working for a secular study abroad provider in 2004. For 14 years I have been immersed in the critical thinking and practical machinations involved in the enterprise of international education according to its best practices. All along the way, I have been excited by the abundance of great work being done in the field of study abroad … but chagrined that much less was being done by those with distinctively Christian convictions. As “go ye into all the world people”, for whom the nations are our inheritance (Ps. 2:8), it would seem we would be leading the charge of this indispensable academic endeavor. The launch of PHōS comes after a decade of prayerful exploration, and a growing belief that better Christian study abroad is needed.

It’s doable! But I need your trust, and your help. Together, we can truly change the world!

Thank you for becoming a friend of PHōS.



  • MA, Historical Theology, Wheaton College (IL)

  • BA, Religious Studies, Westmont College (CA)


  • Church History/Theology, Saints Bible Institute (Italy)

  • Church History, Phoenix Seminary (AZ)

  • History, Grand Canyon University (AZ)

Pastoral Ministry

  • 26 years (California, Arizona, The Netherlands, Washington)

  • Currently Senior Pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Spokane WA

Study Abroad

  • Founding Director, Veritas Christian Study Abrad

  • Senior National Consultant, CEA

  • Faculty, Director of University Relations, Saints Bible Institute (Italy)

  • Member of the Forum on Education Abroad and NAFSA

  • University Liaison, European Study Center (Germany)

  • Director of Academic Relations, International Business Seminars

  • Director of Academic Relations, Athena Study Abroad