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PHōS exists to serve students and their schools. Our vision is to provide complimentary opportunities abroad that will support and enhance the fine education your students are receiving at their current college or university.

That's why your affirmation of and participation with PHōS means everything to us. We are eager to speak with you, get to know you well, and earn your trust -- so that we can work with you to see your students blessed by optimal study abroad experiences.

AFFILIATION: When your school is ready, we invite you to become an "Affiliate" of PHōS. This means that you will allow your students to participate on PHōS programs, working with them to remain registered at home, process financial aid when appropriate, and accept transfer credits toward their degrees when they return.

PHōS also offers discounted pricing for our Affiliates. Your students will receive discounts of $300 on semester programs, and $100 on short term programs. Your students will also have exclusive opportunity to apply to PHōS Affiliate scholarships when offered.

Affiliation is established through a simple, non-binding Memorandum of Understanding. We would be pleased to send you a copy for your consideration. Just indicate that you would like to receive a copy of our Affiliation Agreement in the form below.


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Your School and Study Abroad: With the advent of the airplane, the world has become smaller, and our approach to education has been undergoing significant reconsideration. Everyone in the academic world has come to acknowledge that study abroad is a profoundly rich and unique brand of education ... and all significant colleges and universities are proactively working to make it available to their student bodies.

Growth of the Field: Many bold initiatives have been proffered to develop study abroad programs around the world, and make those programs accessible to a growing number of students. The vast majority of these new programs have been created by secular schools, to promote an international version of their campus’ learning agenda. These programs, like the organizations which built them, have many outstanding qualities. As a result of their work, there are study abroad opportunities in almost every country of the world.

But most are built on a godless, morally ambiguous foundation, with no vision for shaping the soul, and giving no acknowledgement of the priority of God’s missional involvement and activity in the nations where their students study.

Isn't there already Christian international education?: Some in the Christian world have tried to address these needs in the past, but have fallen short in a number of areas:

  • Some falter in their genuine commitment to offer comprehensively faith-filled academics
  • Most are very expensive, and pull valuable resources from the student’s home institution
  • Some limit access to either their own school, or a small consortium of schools
  • Potential for incorporating international faculty is seldom maximized
  • Many programs are only offered for short terms (summer, January, semester breaks)
  • Some are overly insulated, and missing genuine intercultural immersion

The menu is very limited for students seeking a mind-soul-and-spirit-shaping study abroad program, in the location of their academic passion, in an academic environment that is committed to the same values as those embraced by Christian colleges. 

We at PHōS are convinced that the need is clear, and the time is right to provide the best in study abroad programming all over the world that is truly Christian, academically excellent, accountable to best practices, broadly accessible, and affordable.