We regret to say that the Program in nicaragua has been suspended INDEFINITELY due to political unrest in the country.

we look forward to sharing new opportunities in central america soon.

Please consider our program in costa rica as an alternative.

If you want to be helpful to people who can truly use it … if you want to serve the Lord using your unique gifts and abilities … if you think hot showers, wide streets and glitzy malls are overrated … if you want an experience that will change you forever … if you really want to matter … then the PHōS program in Nicaragua is for you.

Nicaragua remains delightfully undiscovered. It has been said that the whole country is so relaxed, it feels like it’s “swinging in a hammock.” Its food, its people, its incredible natural beauty – no wonder Nicaragua is becoming increasingly popular as a vacation destination.

It certainly hasn’t always been this way. Nicaragua is a stunning country, with a convoluted past. Since Christopher Columbus sailed its eastern coast in 1502, Nicaragua has been made into an arena for conflict, having to withstand the epidemics, slavery and warfare from European settlers, dictators, freedom fighters, and international operatives. Today, Nicaragua remains one of the poorest countries in the Americas.

But these experiences and conditions have not quenched the spirit of the Nicaraguan people, or slowed down the advance of the gospel!

The PHōS program is centered in Nicaragua’s second largest city, Masaya. Bordered by the Laguna de Masaya and a national park featuring Volcán Masaya, its city center boasts a huge artisan market, frequent festivals, and streets that are busy with workers and daily life. The Masaya area is also home to many poorer neighborhoods – where our love and message can really help change people’s lives.

Downtown Masaya.jpg


Students earn 15-16 college credits during a fall semester in Nicaragua, which include classroom courses along with an international ministry internship. Courses feature two 3-hour humanities courses, 6 hours of Spanish language, and a 3-4 hour international ministry internship. All course content is delivered by credentialed faculty and instructors from both Nicaragua and the U.S.A. All courses are fully accredited by Crown College, Minnesota (HLC).


international MINISTRY internship

You will gain hands-on experience through internships at community ministry sites related to our interests. Seasoned missionaries from Nicaragua and the U.S. run these ministry sites year-round and are committed to a long-term presence within the community. Students can apply for internships in the following areas: Agriculture, Appropriate Technology, Education, Health Care, Business/Microfinance, Social Work, and Sports.



The PHōS program is situated in Masaya, a city 40 minutes southeast of the capital city of Managua. You will stay with Nicaraguan families in carefully-selected host homes near where you will be taking classes and doing ministry. You will usually eat daily breakfast and dinner with our host families, and be given a packed lunch as you head out for the day. Community dinners with the other program participants take place about once a week.



You will live and learn alongside our highly-trained, professional program staff through classes, debriefing, Bible studies, family nights, and other community-building events. Staff members accompany students on all program-sponsored excursions, and actively provide discipleship and mentoring.



Students are able to take part in the following organized excursions as part of their academic experience. These trips are included in the program fee.

  • Costa Rica - Cross the southern border into Costa Rica and work with Nicaraguan immigrants at SI ministry sites on the outskirts of capital San José.

  • Managua - Check out the capital’s museums (Loma de Tiscapa, National Palace) and adventure options (ziplining!).

  • Granada - Explore the historic Spanish-colonial city and tour islands by boat in nearby Lago Nicaragua.

  • Parque Nacional Volcan Masaya - Hike in this national park featuring an active volcano.

  • San Juan del Sur - Unwind for a beach weekend along the Pacific coast.

  • San Juan de Oriente - View artisans at work in this hilly cobblestoned town.

  • Fort Coyotepe - A sobering tour through a military fort that was used to detain and torture political prisoners during the Nicaraguan Revolution.

Students are also free to explore Nicaragua through their own travels on most weekends.



Students International

PHōS partners in Nicaragua with Students International (SI). Established in 1993, SI is a nondenominational, Christian ministry organization with missionaries serving in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Nicaragua.  SI’s home office is located in Visalia, California, from which it provides leadership, supervision and support service for all of its global programs.