The history of the Italian peninsula has been extraordinarily important – particularly for the Western World, Christianity, and the church.

With PHōS, you will travel to Venice, Florence, Rome, and other nearby cities. But your regular studies will take place in the charming northern-Italian village of San Lorenzo, halfway between Venice and the Italian Alps, in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region known as the Veneto. San Lorenzo is surrounded by vineyards, and the sound of bells tolling on the hour from the petite piazza that holds the city fountain. Nearby Valvasone offers Europe’s second largest medieval festal each fall. Two miles from San Lorenzo lies Casarsa, a charming town with a weekly market in its cobblestone town square. You can walk or bike there to find the local station where you can catch trains that take you all over Europe.


But you will do so much more than travel and study! You will also work side-by-side with church planters, going with them into the streets to do evangelism. You’ll meet local believers whose faiths have grown strong through the challenges of being a minority “sect” in this thickly Roman Catholic country.

Oh, and by the way … the pizza, the pasta, the gelato, the cappuccino … the Alps, the beaches, the piazzas, the cobblestone streets, the vineyards … the cathedrals, the museums, the shops … and most of all, the amazing, beautiful people … Italy is a country like no other. Andiamo!



The academic program consists of intensive courses taught by highly-qualified teachers, all of whom are vetted and approved by accredited schools of record in the U.S.: Bryan College for semesters (SACS), Arizona Christian University for summers (HLC). To date, courses have been offered in Bible, theology, and the humanities. Please click on the b



Campus Life swirls through “The Center”, set in the beautiful, peaceful village of San Lorenzo. To the north you see the Italian Alps. Venice lies one hour’s train ride to the south. The Center is equipped with dorms, student lounge, classrooms, dining area, staff office, pantry, wifi and laundry facilities.



PHoS takes students on study tours to Venice, Florence, and Rome. Other nearby excursions can include Aquilaea, Trieste, Verona, and Padua.

So...You want to go to Italy?

Who doesn’t?!? Here are more details about studying in Italy with PHōS:


Though you will be attending a PHōS program, you will ultimately be graduating from your home college or university. There are a number of extra costs associated with you studying abroad, including approving courses, transferring course credits, keeping you registered while you are abroad, and all of the duties of your school’s study abroad office. Because of these considerations, each school sets its own policies and pricing for study abroad.

If you are studying with PHōS in order to gain credit toward a degree at your home school, please consult them about costs, course approvals, and the availability of financial aid.

The prices you see listed are for students who study with PHōS directly. Without a prescribed association to a particular college or university.

What's Included

The price for all PHōS programs includes the following:

  • Housing

  • Meals

  • Excursions

  • Pre-departure Support & Advising

  • Onsite Staff

  • Airport Pickup

  • Orientation

  • Campus WiFi Internet

  • Printer Access

  • Laundry Facilities

  • Tuition

  • Transcript



  • Christian Life Formation- Gospel in Cultural Life (1)

  • Cross-Cultural Missions & Evangelism (3)

  • New Testament Literature (3)

  • Contemporary Apologetics (3)

  • Book of Acts (3)

  • Gospel in Cultural Life (1)

  • Fine Arts (3)

  • Intercultural Communication

  • History of Western Thought & Culture 2 (3)

  • Intercultural Communication (3)

Depart US -  Jan. 31

Arrive Italy – Feb. 1

Spring Break – March 27-April 6

Depart Italy – April 29