What Makes PHōS Unique?

PHōS is comprehensively and enthusiastically Christian

founded on a classical Christian epistemology

Does your Christian Study abroad program teach all of its courses from a Christian academic platform?

There is a reason why we have Christian colleges and universities … because the plumb line of truth is altogether different when one honors the truth of divine revelation. This transcends just the study of the Bible and theology, for every academic discipline is altered when built upon Christian presuppositions. As Dr. Mark A. Noll says in his book The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, “The comprehensive reality of Christianity itself demands specifically Christian consideration of the world we inhabit, whether that consideration is of social theory, the history of science, other historical changes, the body, the arts, literature, or more.” We have Christian colleges where students can give “specifically Christian consideration of the world”. With PHōS, we will provide opportunities for international study with matching convictions, and a matching pursuit.


committed to spiritual growth and formation

Is your study abroad program committed to the growth of your spirit and soul?

The Apostle Paul said, “Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up” (1 Cor. 8:1). Yes, we want to learn about our world. But we do so in a way that promotes the edification of our students. Our programs all feature practical ways we can grow with God as we grow academically. In this way, a student’s study abroad experience can be life changing … for all the right reasons!

espousing appropriately Christian student life expectations

Does your study abroad program expect and hold students accountable to biblical conduct?

Almost all Christian colleges espouse standards of proper conduct to which their students are obliged to commit. This idea is even more important when studying abroad, since students can find themselves surrounded by a new set of influences they’ve not faced before. Christian schools and students alike know the value of accountability. We do at PHōS as well, which is why we have a set of standards we expect each student to honor during their term abroad.

equipping students for life-long Christian mission

Does your study abroad program help advance the church and reach the lost?

Christians are “go ye into all the world” people! After all, the nations are the inheritance and possession of the Messiah! (Ps. 2:8). God loves the nations, and calls us to love, serve and reach the nations with His gospel. By studying abroad with PHōS, students are encouraged to grow in their love for the world and its peoples, and in their capacity to carry out the gospel enterprise of reaching people with the love and message of Jesus Christ. Our vision is for PHōS students to become missionaries, or at least to return home to become more ardent supporters of missions.

engaging in vigorous, excellent academics

Does your study abroad program really make the most of what international academics can be?

Christian colleges have done well at sending their students on short-term missions trips. We at PHōS applaud these programs! Still, studying abroad should be the requisite international program of the Christian academic college. For Christians to be equipped to be the global leaders of the future, they need to be instructed how to think Christianly about all disciplines, as they relate to all places and cultures. To see our students become effective in international leadership, we need to take our academic delivery systems beyond our on-campus cubicles into the very nations we hope to serve and lead. There is no shortcut to this needed result that bypasses the important, rich, hard work of Christian international education.

accountable to the Best Practices in the field of study abroad

Does your study abroad program meet the baseline requirements set by the professional field?

Since the advent of the airplane, there has been a proliferation of study abroad programming, some of which is of high quality, while some is less than reputable. That’s why PHōS champions the work of The Forum on Education Abroad, which “serves as the collective voice of U.S. post-secondary education abroad. To benefit students, The Forum develops and disseminates comprehensive standards of good practice, resources and training, advocates for education abroad and its value, and engages the field in critical dialogue.” PHōS will always strive to be found adhering wholeheartedly to these best practices, and challenges all study abroad done in Jesus’ name to do likewise.

affordable for colleges and their students

Compare prices. Is your program as affordable as it can be, and needs to be?

Many smaller, tuition-driven colleges and universities are struggling for financial survival. Because of this, they balk at the idea of advancing study abroad because they believe they will lose that semester of income from that student if they leave campus. And, since you don’t have as many students studying abroad, it’s difficult to build and fill your own programs around the world in an affordable way. At PHōS, we get it. You can’t not offer study abroad, because it’s such a necessary part of a 21st century college education. So there have to be some financial models that can make it work. The good news -- there are! At PHōS we are dedicated to keeping study abroad affordable. The best way to do that is to work together collectively as a consortium of colleges, for all the financial terms become better when there are more students participating. We can also work with you to build financial models whereby students can study with PHōS without dramatically disrupting the income stream to your institution that these students represent. It’s doable (and better) together!

accessible to students from all universities and colleges

Is your study abroad program offered to students outside a closed consortium?

We believe that reenlightened study abroad is the best study abroad for all students. All tolled, there are more Christian students studying at secular colleges than at Christian colleges. That's why PHōS is committed to receiving students beyond the rosters of North America's Christian colleges. Where can these Christian students study abroad from a paradigm of Christian truth? Or where can someone who is not a Christian experience learning in this way? We believe that experiencing the world in the light of revelation, with a heart for personal formation, and in believing community, is a life-altering opportunity … perhaps more so for the student who is new to the Christian faith!